Clear Creek Golden Colorado Sample Updates! 6/10/12

Got up early to get some samples before thing got to crazy out there on the Creek. With the warmer weather comes the TUBER hatch. It is by far my Least favorite hatch of the year! Keep an open mind and get up the canyon!

In the samples today I found a ton of cool bugs! All of my samples showed those huge grubs again and man are they ” Huge”. One of my samples contained caddis and baetis nymphs hatching right in front of me. With the rise and fall of water levels and the hot to cold weather fishing can be on and off, so keep at it!

Ward Road Bass Fishing

With the fall coming into full bloom I decided to try my luck at a little bass fishing. Ward Road lake is a great place to go with easy access. As a fly fisherman though you will want to bring your float tubes or canoe. The brush makes it impossible to back cast and the bass have not yet moved back to the shallows. I launched at about 7:30 a.m. and bass were sky rocketing out of the water for surface bugs. There were some BIG Small Mouth out there! I have driven past this lake a lot on my way back to Golden and have read some shady reports on fishing it. Don’t be fooled, this is a prime spot for bass. There are a lot of structures and cover for them to hide. It reminded me of fishing small lakes back home in Michigan. I would load up my box with small poppers and wooly buggers in black, white and olive. I will be heading back there a lot more in hopes that the smallies move into the shallows. REMEMBER: this IS a catch and release spot! If you see people taking from it REPORT THEM!!! I know it seems off to do this but the fishing is important!

Clear Creek Fishing

The CC is running great and the fish are Very active right now. You can see fall arriving with the changing of the leaves and I think the browns will start to fatten up real soon. We hit “The LANE” Just after “Big Rock” and killed it in the morning. After taking samples last night from the river there was a lot of web spinning Caddis out there a size 16 straight hook dubbed with tan and silver and a black bead head did the trick! I had four fish on in the first section all with good takes. Nymphing seemed to be the best bet, but i did switch over by noon to a stimi-dropper and had some success. BWO’s came off about the same time but the constant 10 mph winds blew them all over. Pattern suggestions: Caddis nymph’s in grey, white or tan, BWO size 20 and BWO emerger or small nymphs. Stimi’s in yellow or orange and if the timing seems right a crippled hopper should do the trick! ( try smaller to medium sizes)