Deckers 7/9/12

Well, The toilet has been flushed and the water is low again! Look for trout to be located in deep pools and runs. Lots of mayfly nymphs and a shit ton of Midge larva all over the place! Stimi dropper was productive but we caught all our fish before 1030 and then a huge lull. The temps are looking to increase and that will really put the fish down. Water temps today were at 58 degrees so fish early or late and skip the middle for now. Zebra midges size 22 and pheasant tails along with the famous GS-81 were productive. Hoppers are a good choice with a bit of cloud cover .

Fly Fishing Bear Creek

Hit Lower Bear Creek today and it was pretty good. Used the Tenkara rod, helped in tight spaces and there was a great Midge to Beatis hatch that went down. Fun for the little guys. And there are a ton of little guys in there! I suggest hitting it before the water level drops even lower!!!!!