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” Don’t just hope for a fish, Learn to catch a fish”-JV

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  1. just looking for information on your classes. I think my adult son would be interested in this but would like to get some information so I can tell him about it.

    • Christi,
      We have fly tying classes at both the Golden Rec center and our shop in Evergreen. Fly fishing class is held at our shop above Boone Mountain Sports in Evergreen. Fly tying classes are 90 minutes long and cost $20 and students are welcome to reserve a tying spot and practice for $15 for an hour ( all tools and materials are included) We are very flexible and can fit most schedules. We run our program as a school and want it to be a learning environment with out breaking the bank. Give us a call with more questions you might have 303-726-7861

  2. Hey there!
    I am very interested in taking a class. I saw your ad on Craigslist… What type of availability do you have? I live and work in Evergreen and get off work at 6 pm most nights. I also have another friend that would likely want to take a class as well.
    thank you!

  3. I have been fly fishing for one season and Iam hocked. I would love to become a better fly fisherman. I would like to under stand how to read the streams and shot fly to use. I caught 12 fish 5 – 5 – 13 on the south platte close to Decker. Ran into two really nice people that set me up with fly to use and they work really great. I would like to become a person that could help others and pass on the knowledge of fly fishing. Do you have a class schedule.


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