Clear Creek Fly Fishing Golden Colorado

Hey all! Can’t tell you how much I am hating the wind right now. 4 days of non stop gusts straight down the line and it seems the fish are feeling it as well. I decided that I would start my day in downtown Golden. Being that it is the end of the line for my fishing Clear Creek and it is the location that I am trying to get the city to stock ( hint, hint) I thought I would take some pics and show the readers out there what makes this place rock! To those of you who are also interested in seeing the city stock these waters with catchable size trout, not bait size, give the good Mayor of our city an email Wouldn’t it be nice to pull some 15 + inch fish out of ” The Golden Mile” ? I now That TU has done a lot of work with some help from money given by COORS, and that is great! Now we have a better trout breading area, why not put it to great use! If you have any questions about my plans please feel free to email me. Enjoy the pics and lets get things rolling people!
Tight Lines-Jay

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