Big is sometimes not “Big” enough

I became a competent fly tier about 7 years ago. I began tying for myself and then for my clients and fly shops. Everyone wanted size 20-24 midges or emergers so my skills as a ” small” nymph producers were always put to the test. Now I am tying for rivers and lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Talk about a change. From tiemco 2488 size 24, to 5/0 salt water hooks for Musky! Small and annoying to basically tying a Sasquatch onto a hook! Got to love a good challenge





2 thoughts on “Big is sometimes not “Big” enough

  1. Jay was a fishing guide for 2 of my adult children on 2 occasions They both caught
    trout and learned immensely from the experience which created in them a love of flyfishing I have also been on several guide trips with Jay and 2 of my college friends
    who were beginner fly fisherman Jay provided great experiences for all of us
    He not only took us to great locations but we were able to learn from his wealth of knowledge Jay is the best guide that I have worked with


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