Browns Are Everywhere!

We hit the Georgetown section above the reservoir and it was still fishing great! With the colder weather moving in these fish are still gonna be hungry. Eggs and red or pink SanJuan worms are working well. Fish them low and slow just like the eggs would move. Lots of people out there in the mornings and after work but the cold and wind will scare most fair weather fisherman away

Tying one on!

There is something so nice about tying your own flies. Taking the time to sit at a bench and perfect the art. Maybe going out of your comfort zone for awhile and making something completely new. There is nothing like catching a fish on your own pattern when someone else’s pattern isn’t working. The cold windy days are coming. And soon the snow will be at our door slowing things down. And unless you are crazy like me and enjoy year round fly fishing on the great tail waters of our state, there will be an empty place inside of you as you wait for the next ice out. The good thing about getting together with friends to tie is not only the exchange of new patterns, but the push to plan that great trip you didn’t take the last year, or recounting the tales of the last season. There is just something about these gatherings that keep us going till the next time we cast a line.

With that being said, do yourself a favor and sign up for a fly tying class this winter and finely take the time to get yourself going on the vise you bought a few years back that is collecting dust in the corner. Call Golden River Sports 303-215-9386 and ask for Sully to get yourself signed up for a CRTS tying class. cost is $25 for 90 minute classes and we provide everything you need. And we will be starting our Sunday morning tying group again soon so get on there email list for events!

Clear Creek Fly Fishing Report 10/15/12

Man is it beautiful out there. Sun is shining and the water is cold! Got to love Colorado fishing. Clear Creek is primed right now with lots of aggressive browns munching on all sorts of patterns. Caddis, midge, emergers and nymphs. The fish are active and is lots of opportunity to have an epic day. With the cold water the fish are a little sleepy so give them a chance to warm up. I hit the usual lies ( behind bolders, seams and deep water) but found the the riffles fished very well. Remember to be quiet and sneaky when fishing. Outrigger caddis, para adams, stimi’s are still my choice. Nymphs: Hairs ear, pheasant tail, GS-81 and Barr’s emerger are good calls right now. There is an explosion of color from the trees and lots of leaves in the water.

Carpe diem ( Carp fishing up north in Ft. Collins)

No, we did not set out to catch Carp today, but when it is on, it is on. Chris and I hit Douglas Reservoir north of town looking for bass, trout and pike. Low and behold, the carp were finning everywhere. Small crippled baitfish were all over the place and the carp were taking them all day. suspending a white sparkle bead headed bugger under an indicator or stripping them back worked great. Huge 5-6 lb carp were brought to net and a few more broke us off on 3x! Lots of fun and the rafts worked great to sneak up on them.

We hooked up with a half dozen rainbows but all in all the carp were the hit of the day. Golden bone fish, maybe, but fun to fight on a 5wt!

Sculpin Head streamers ( AKA The Muppets)

Ya, these guys look like Muppets, or maybe troll dolls. I started tying these with the new Sculpin Helmet. They are super easy streamers that have a hook up presentation that really keeps you from snagging on the bottom of the river. The weighted head drops these flies perfectly and gives them that slow sculpin bottom action. You can pick the helmets up at Charlie’s flybox and The Blue Quill Angler. Gram some Zonker and a streamer hook and you are ready to go. I added silly legs and some flash, just because of showmanship. The rubber legs go on almost all my flies as you know. Zonker strips come in a wide veriety of sizes and colors so get creative out there. Add some flash to match and you will have that big fall brown chasing your pattern down!

Clear Creek Fishing Report 10/8/12

What a change in the weather! Sunny and beautiful all day and in the high 60’s water temps stayed low but the fish seemed to be more active in the sunshine. The fish in town have moved toward the center of the stream and in the riffles. Para Adams did the trick with no dropper needed. Look for more baetis hatches and midge hatches through out the day. The slump buster in a natural color was also productive in the deep pools.

Tight lines everyone! And all the new Tenkara rods are in so feel free to drop a line if you want to come and see them. We will also be having a Demo day at the Hatch fly shop on October 20th from 10-4pm. Come and get some grub, check out the fly tying and demo some of the Tenkara rods!

Trout Steak Revival CD Release

If you love Bluegrass like I do, then you will love these guys. I am always looking for new music to listen to on the way to the river and these guys haven’t left my car stereo since I got there latest album “FLIGHT”. TSR is a local Colorado band that will grab your attention and keep you dancing the whole day on the river! Not only are these guys world class musicians, but I have had the chance to take them out on the river to wet a fly or two. Check them out at

Clear Creek Fly Fishing Update 10/7/12

The water temp this morning at 10 a.m. in the canyon was 40 and the air temp was 34 so as we all know this can push down the fish. Wait till mid day to get out there and let those fish wake up. Keep on the look out for BWO hatches and still use a stimi if you want. Just decrease the size to 16-18. I will be doing a more in depth update tomorrow with some new pics but I wanted to give a shout out to my group this morning for staying tough out there even with the sudden drop in temp.I look forward to 70 degree days again!