The Windy Saddle Coffee Shop is Fisherman Friendly

Just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite local coffee shop, The Windy Saddle! Brett, the owner, is a huge fly fisherman and is happy to talk your ear off about the local fishing. I have fished with him a time or two and he knows his stuff. Just ask him about Grey Reef sometime. You can grab your Joe and breakfast and walk to the river in 30 seconds. Just tell him Jay sent ya. And keep your eyes peeled for local pro fisherman straight off the tour. Rumor has it they like to tie some flies there late night as a secret underground meeting of the ” Fishy” minds!

Clear Creek Fishing Report 9/24/12

Yeah, Once again it is hot out there. Not the weather, but the FISHING!!!! I hit downtown Golden this morning and then the canyon after tunnel 3 this afternoon. This morning was good with your typical 5-8″ browns hopping all over for the place! Grabbed a bigger rainbow today and after so many days of only browns and Brookies it was a welcome change. I thought they had all moved on in that area. I used the Tenkara rod and two BWO’s size 22 to do the job

Clear Creek Golden Colorado

Great time on the creek and great pics! Thanks to the class for doing such a great job and an even bigger thanks to the fish! A Stimi dropper is where it is at and once again we sold out of Tenkara rods! New ones in in 2 weeks so place your order now!