Hey From The North Country

Sorry guys but I am not reporting from the river today. I am in Minnesota chasing some Walleye and Northerns! Sometimes you can hit everywhere on the lake and the best spot is right off the dock! Just ask my little girl. She got a five pond smallmouth on a barbie poll right beside the boat! And now she is never not asking me to fish.( Next is to teach her to shoot a gun and she will be ready for college 😉 ) More reports coming soon but for now! Tight lines and enjoy the hoppers!

Tenkara Fly Fishing Rods in Colorado

I often get asked a lot of questions about my tenkara rod from Tenkara-flyfishing. Yes I use a 13′ rod, yes it does breakdown easily, no you cant cast mine right now. But the most often asked question is ” It’s only for little fish right?” No, not at all. It just depends on the size and weight of the rod. Just like it is a rough fight on a 9 ft. 4 wt. with a 6 lbs. rainbow on the end it is also hard to fight fish on a 5:5 and 6:4 rod. I am a huge fan of the 13′ 7:3 and the 14′ 8:2 in colorado. I fish them in cheesman, Deckers, the Yampa, Colorado and yes, Clear Creek. These rods cut the wind great and you can cast big and small flies alike.  I caught these fish today on the North Fork of the South Platte. It was EPIC!!!! so much fun to move with the fish and not rely on the reel to do the work.

Clear Creek FIshing Report 8/15/12

Overcast skies made for a perfect day of Stimi Dropper action out there on Clear Creek. We hit the “Lanes” Section just after ” Really Big Rock” and killed it all day. Wes was looking for some bigger Browns and boy did he find them. With water temps staying in the low 50’s and Caddis all around the fish were very active. Stimi Chew Toy in bright colors did the trick and they took both the Hares ear and pheasant tail flashback in size 16 as a dropper.Don’t overlook the swing at the end of your drift it makes the stimi look like a dancing caddis laying it’s eggs. Fish the riffel sections as the fish have moved to even shallow moving water. Don’t be afraid of throwing your hoppers now! Get out there and cast a line already!!!!

Clear Creek Update 8/13/12

Wow what a day! Lots of fish out there and man are they hungry for the dry fly action! Stimi dropper all day and just plane killed it. Had a visit from the Fish & Wildlife to do a survey. If they ask you say yes! It will only help the stocking of Clear Creek and protection as well. Used a size 14 stimi and an 18 Hares ear nymph dropper. Go for Bright Stimulators as the fish snubbed the dull tan ones. Fished the “Lanes” all the way up and then hit tunnel 5 for a turn and then to Dumont! Great day on the water and even with switching weather the fish still were hot!!!!

C&R update

Yes as we have been telling people on the river C&R will be traveling to Minnesota and doing some fall fishing there. We still will have guides on the water to give you updates. Speaking of that get your Stimi/Hopper on and hit the water already! The fish are in full swing and there is nothing like seeing the slurping and down right gluttony of those big boys popping to the surface!!!!!! Use a Hares ear as a dropper and you cant miss right now. And if you are one of our students go for the GS-81 in grey with tan legs. It is killing it out there on Clear Creek and the South Platte!!!

Clear Creek

After a week or so of on and off conditions the fish sure seemed to be frisky today. I was out with a client to the lanes and we were first on river but on the way back there must have been 14 fisherman all lined up behind us. Sorry guys gonna have to get up early in the morning to get one up on us! Water is clear and cold again and man the browns are everywhere. There was a nice mayfly hatch going down and got some topwater action between gusts of wind. Stimi dropper and a nymph rig are the best set ups with a hares ear and pheasant tail being great point flies!