Clear Creek

Look to the skies and figure out the weather patterns my friends. Every time it rains the creek gets off color and slows the fishing down! Stimi dropper is tons of fun when the water is clear! Use a hares ear, pheasant tail or emergers as a dropper. Got to love watching the strikes on the top water !

Steamboat Yampa river 7/27/12

Everytime I go to steamboat it feels like going home to me. such a great place to hang out for a few days and get your mind off of things. Fished the Yampa early at about 6:30am and struck gold! The water temp was down and the fish were hungry and put up a great fight. The fish were all released healthy and swam off on there own no problem. Guy in front of me was pulling out huge pike down by the library with a blue Rapala! I however was blest with a surge of rainbows all taking the GS-81 in grey with new grey legs. Great fly for all situations as it seems.

Middle Fork 7-23-12

The Middle fork is fishing great right now but be a champ and dont fish after about 11:30 the water temp is to warm and the fish are not reviving very well after a fight. Lots of fish actively feeding and lots of bugs. Used the chewtoy dropper all day with huge success!

Deckers 7/22/12

Hopper dropper is doing good in shallow water.Hare’s Ear followed by a GS81 in tan was working for a nymph rig. Stay away on the weekends because of the massive tuber hatch. we got ran into about every 5 minutes! water temp was 50F at 10 a.m.

Deckers 7/20/12

Deckers water level has been kept up at about 300 and the gunk has gone down some in the water. Having a blast sight fishing for the big guys and you should to. Monday-Friday is the best time to go as the weekends always have a epic TUBER/ Jackass hatch. People actually got out of there tubes and walked around and through the area we were fishing and then turned to ask ” Hows the fishing?” Got some good fish on the GS-81 in grey and olive. slow and low and take your time to work a section well

High Tide And the Tuber Hatch

Well fished Deckers all week long and Monday was bomber! Then they turned up the flows! and once again the fish headed for the hills. We got a few on everyday but things just seemed off! And with all the Crap floating in the water you will have to clean your line after every cast. Should be better this week and then off and on. Hit the confluence as well!

Steamboat out for the count, but The Elk is fishing Great

With the Yampa Closed down to fishing we had to seek outside of our usual places. Sarvis was packed so we headed to the Elk River with our tenkara rods. The elk was hopping with trout and not people and man was it great to catch eager Brookies once again! Stimi and caddis were the name of the game and you could get 10 out of each pool. The Tenkara rods were perfect for fishing and the hike in. One lanyard, rod, line and a spool of tippet and small box of flies did nicely. Elk and deer were spotted and lots of other wildlife.

Deckers 7/9/12

Well, The toilet has been flushed and the water is low again! Look for trout to be located in deep pools and runs. Lots of mayfly nymphs and a shit ton of Midge larva all over the place! Stimi dropper was productive but we caught all our fish before 1030 and then a huge lull. The temps are looking to increase and that will really put the fish down. Water temps today were at 58 degrees so fish early or late and skip the middle for now. Zebra midges size 22 and pheasant tails along with the famous GS-81 were productive. Hoppers are a good choice with a bit of cloud cover .