Deckers 6/28/12

Well if you go to deckers or have been there you know that the flows are up again. They are alternating releases on the South Platte and The north fork of the south platte. Deckers has huge snot rags floating in it and you have to clean off your fly every second cast! The fish are happy though with the cooler water temps at 50 degrees in the morning. The fish were active and seemed to spread out quite a bit. We saw great hatches and there are some good sized damsel flies out there. Go to flies are mayfly nymphs, midge larva and emergers as a dropper. Point flies used were mainly damsel fly nymphs and San Juan Worms in light tan and red. Dry fly fishing is still possible and a client even got some rises to a green amy’s ant. Caddis and midges are everywhere so be ready with a second rod rigged up. I use my tenkara for this as it fits in my pack easily!

Golden Farmers Market Saturday June 23rd

CRTS will be out at the Golden Farmers Market with a booth set up to showcase the new Tenkara Rods and furled Leaders. Come on by and pick up a CRTS T shirt! Mention you saw this post and get $5 off a shirt. So don’t be shy swing on by and pick up a new rod!

Clear Creek Golden Colorado Sample Updates! 6/10/12

Got up early to get some samples before thing got to crazy out there on the Creek. With the warmer weather comes the TUBER hatch. It is by far my Least favorite hatch of the year! Keep an open mind and get up the canyon!

In the samples today I found a ton of cool bugs! All of my samples showed those huge grubs again and man are they ” Huge”. One of my samples contained caddis and baetis nymphs hatching right in front of me. With the rise and fall of water levels and the hot to cold weather fishing can be on and off, so keep at it!

Cracking The Code on the Dream Stream

Met up with Doug and his buddy Richard for some fishing at the Dream Stream. The night before I tied up some new “Experimental” flies with some new Tiemco hooks. The GS-81 slayed it on the river and was so hot that it was hard to teach in the water because they would hit it almost every cast. Hell, They were even taking it on the swing?! Brown and tan were the colors of choice and we were running long Nymph rigs with a dropper. The wind picked up but it was still fun to fish with good people.