Clear Creek Fly Fishing 5/10/12

What a great day to fish before the storm. Sunny and 80 out and then today it was snowing as I was guiding. What a crazy mix! I took the Anderson’s out for a little lesson in Tenkara fly fishing! Patrick killed it out there and it was great to get to guide George again on the river. Lots of action out there with caddis hatches and BWO’s coming off. We fished nymph rigs with BWO emergers and copper john’s both were successful. It was funny to see some spin casters out there beating the water with no fish and then Patrick hooked up with a brown right in front of them. And a side note here, Thank you to the hot “Rock Climber” chick for the strip tease across river. I believe that was a first for all of us. We left a tip on your windshield

Fly Fishing Bear Creek

Hit Lower Bear Creek today and it was pretty good. Used the Tenkara rod, helped in tight spaces and there was a great Midge to Beatis hatch that went down. Fun for the little guys. And there are a ton of little guys in there! I suggest hitting it before the water level drops even lower!!!!!