Fly Fishing Grey Reef Wyoming

Got to love a great trip to Grey Reef! Every Year we go, and this year was by far the best! The rainbows have gotten to their spawning beds and the others are aggressive as hell!

Fly Fishing Clear Creek Report

Water is off color but still fishing good! Use bright colored nymphs and keep an eye out for BWO hatches. I used a pink egg and a Copper John today! Lots of fun out there and no one fishing but me!

Tenkara Fly Fishing and the Golden Stones

Hit the water early today and man was it on fire. My samples produced a ton of Golden Stonefly’s and some newly hatched bright golden stones! Check the picks because they were a perfect match for my Rubber Legged Copper John’s in a size 16. I had 20 fish ( all browns of course) and they hit only the Copper John. The section I fished was on either side of the Washington St. Bridge. the fish were super active and all over. Nothing over 11 inches but a hell of a fun time out there today!If you have questions on the bugs please feel free to give me a shout! Tight Lines people

Fly Fishing Deckers Colorado

Hit Deckers today after I took a guided trip to bridge crossing. Fishing is GREAT down there and man are there a lot of fish to be had. I introduced some clients to Tenkara fly fishing They really dug it. After my trip I decided to try a little Tenkara down at Deckers in one of the holes I like to fish. I was not disappointed at all 3 fish one after the other and man was it a fun fight on the Tenkara rod. The fish are in the lanes and cast before you walk into the river you may be surprised at getting a fish right were you were gonna walk. Small mayfly nymphs in black were key and even though there was a hatch in the afternoon not much was coming up. Fish it low and slow. Try a Drowning Mona during a hatch it can be great!