Hell of a day! Antero Reservoir, Dream Stream, South Platte fly fishing

Picked up Kirk and met up with everyone about 6 a.m. Got Breakfast at The Windy Saddle  downtown and a hot cup of Joe ( Thanks Brett) we were at Antero Reservoir and casting a line by 9. After hearing about all the great fishing at ice out I was Stoked to strip some streamers and fight some good fish. I took out the WaterMaster raft and headed towards the center. The WIND soon hit and had 20-30mph gusts. This put the fly casting and the fish down in a hurry. We packed up after a few hours and a few fish ( Told you it would work Kevin) and headed for the Gold Medal water and some good fishing. Lots of risers and plenty of space between Spinney and 11 mile. Parking lot was full but we found our way to open section’s with fish rising to BWO’s and actively feeding under the surface. Tough fishing but still fun and yes, I did land my first fish there on a TENKARA ROD

Fly Fishing Gross Reservoir Boulder Colorado

Well, We did have ice and now I feel like I am Late to the party! One floating ice sheet left the size of a football field moving around. The wind today was crazy and the heat melted that thing faster than I could believe. Got two cookie cutter rainbows right off the bat and then a bunch of chasers on ” Hot Head Leach Patterns! Next CRTS is off to Antero Res!

Thanks to Everyone for the tying session the other night

Decker’s Fly Fishing

Hey all, did a quick hour session at deckers on my way back from doing a class down south! Lots of great water down there get on it! Gonna be crazy this week with spring break ” Fisher Dad’s”

Fly fishing Bear Creek Evergreen Colorado

Lower bear was my destination but it was a bit off color. With Evergreen lake thawing very fast and little cub creek flowing into lower bear it is a bit ” Dish watery” ! The damn is still the best spot and down towards O’ Fallon park it is a bit clearer. Typical run off patterns of SanJuan worms and hairs ear’s were productive

Frying Pan River With Catch & Release Trout School

CRTS went on a little outing yesterday to meet up with some folks on the Frying Pan River. You couldn’t have asked for better conditions in March! Sunny and 60 degrees water temp was 43 degrees and clear and bugs were everywhere!!! Fish woke up mid morning and stayed active throughout the day. We did not see any top water action but lots of fish lying low. Nymphing would be your best bet mid morning and change to emergers and dries in the afternoon. As soon as the sun cast it’s shadows on the wall we started to strip streamers in natural ( brown, yellow, tan and green) colors and hit 5 fish in 15 minutes. It is still VERY crazy at the damn so if you are not there early, don’t bother! All nymphs should be size 20-24 and all dries almost the same size! This is a highly pressured fishing area so don’t be surprised if you only get a few fish!

Tenkara Fly Fishing In Golden

Tenkara is a new version of an old thing. This style of fly fishing is going to kill it on Clear Creek this summer! Get yours now and get ahead of the crowds! For more info give us a call and set up a day to learn this great style of Japanese Fly Fishing!