Grey Reef Fly Fishing Winter

All I can say is that this place Is nothing but Awesome! Chris and I spent two days there and killed it. The fish are still active and hungry and HUGE! We hit the damn for a few hours each day to start off. As usual there were other fisherman but not many. We moved to other access points down river and hit Freemont Canyon too. Everything was fishing great! I would suggest a RED ROCK WORM followed by an egg pattern fished slow and low with lots of weight.When you move out of the damn hook up a black or Olive streamer for some search and destroy missions down river. The big guys are there ya just got to find them. Water temps were in the 30’s and air temps were in the 30-40 range. There were small hatches of midges as to be expected. and samples showed midge larva and scuds galore. My boot blew out on day one and as always it is great to have some duct tape around. Patagonia would not warranty my boot though because it has been about 3 years since I bought them ! Oh well still a bomber trip!