Cheesman Canyon

Today was sunny and once again….no snow! So I packed up and took a trip to Cheesman Canyon to try my ” Luck” at the BIG Boys.
To my excitement I was the second person in the lot at 930 am. The air temp. was 24F on the Subaru Forester thermo and blue skies with a bit of wind. 3 minutes later 2 more cars pulled in packed with people. I hit the Gill trail running and planned on not stopping till “cow’s Crossing”. The fish were everywhere and low to the floor. My first brown trout was caught on a midge cripple sunken deep. Keep a close eye cause these fish spook at the drop of a hat. Halfway through the day my reel broke so I busted out the Tenkara Fly rod and made the best of the wind! Get out there while you can. The conditions are never like this in January!
I recommend very small nymph’s no larger than a size 20 and bring your light weight rod for dry flying in the afternoon

Tight Lines!

The snow is low so why not cast a line! There are rivers and tail waters that are still open so while the snow is not falling catch yourself a trout! Remember that the hatches really go off during the afternoon so nymph a small midge pupa and then switch to a dry when it goes off. Be patient these fish are cold and lethargic so understand they are super picky!