Big Thompson River Fishing

Once again I am blown away by how many fish there are in this river! In one hole outside of town we must have seen 2 dozen cookie cutters fighting for position in the river. The trout were actively feeding and we caught a ton of Brown’s both in the town section and the canyon. We hit the river early ( should have been earlier, sorry Chris!) and nymphed in the morning. Lot’s of scuds in my samples and caddis. You should think stealth when fishing the town section as they are highly pressured all day long. Chris caught a few on a tan Caddis and I got a few on my Stimi dropper rig as well.

The fisherman came out of the woodwork by noon and all spots were taken with others waiting in line. Olive caddis pupa and grey scuds did the trick for me and I even got 3 fish off my GS-81! Got to love catching fish on your own pattern. So in conclusion: Get there early and fish it hard!!!!

Tight lines!