Clear Creek Samples

Most guys I fish with will rig up next to the car. I find that it is much more effective to take a damn sample! The stone nymph’s I just pulled from Clear Creek are the biggest I have seen in a long time! Being that it is almost september this to me was quite a find. I also am including pics of the Caddis I found. They are grey to green and range from a size 14 to 18. Tight lines!!!!!

Clear Creek Fly Fishing is on !!!!!!!!!!

Got to love the solitude of fishing the Creek and man is it great right now. Looks like TU is going to do some more projects on the Creek as well! Way to go guys! Check out the Denver West Chapter for more details. On a side note for those of us who fish it regularly, man is there a ton of trash out there right now. I even found a manhole cover sticking out of the river! Everyone do there part for sure! Maybe we can organize a good clean up before winter hits.

Willy G doesn't need his waders

Fly Fishing on the big Thompson

Grab your gear and get up there! After such a long run off it is great to be able to throw a Hopper Dropper again! Get away from the crowds and find your spot on the lower section outside of town. We hit two different pull offs early in the morning and were the only people there for about 15 casts. Multiple guides and independents alike were crowding most of the water. and in town it looked like combat fishing that I haven’t seen in a long time. But hey, with everyone hopped up from the long run off who can blame them! If nothing else is working for you throw on an ant or beetle pattern. Logan from Boone Mountain Sports did well on those patterns mid day!

Molly Gets To Fish!~

Upper Bear Creek

Took the boys up to Upper Bear Creek above the lake in Evergreen and they caught some Monster fish!!!! Just a great place to learn close combat fly fishing!!!!

Water Master Raft from Big Sky Inflatables

Yup, I too have purchased this boat and like everyone else on the web i have nothing bad to say about it! I got the Kodiak Version with the full upgrade and would suggest that to everyone. The grizzly is a great model and can save you some cash but get the upgrade. I use every option that it came with. Not only does it have one hell of a stable platform but, it can be loaded with a ton of weight and easy to handle on the river or lakes. The one thing I would like to see changed is the fact that the dry bag straps are pretty light weight. Weighing in at only 43#’s fully stowed in the pack is great! When you hike it a ways though the straps feel like they will snap at any moment. I have also loaded my dog ( who weighs in at 95#’s) onto the back platform and he sits comfy and even with his constant moving the boat doesn’t budge. All in all I give this boat a 10 and am looking for another one at this time. visit and give them a call to find out current deals as the website is not up to date.

As always tight lines!!!