Evergreen Lake Fly Fishing

Well the lake was fishing great the other day from my pontoon boat. I got tired of doing a strip retrieve so I trailed 2 Olive Dragonfly Nymphs behind me as I kicked and ¬†hooked up every 5 minutes or so. Fish are about 12-14 inches and all were rainbows. The wind has picked up the last few days making it almost impossible to keep the boat on course but should die down soon. On a side note, I met a guy lake side who was gracious enough to cast over my line not once, but twice. Upon calling him out on it he told me, ” You crossed my line! And that fish you have on is mine!” Now I am leaving out a lot of other words because I am trying to keep this blog PG, but I am including a photo of this guy and his family. It was very obvious that he was trying to push me out of the inlet by tossing huge salt water sinkers close to me and shouting threats. So I have decided to dub him ” Chode of The Week” If you see him out there please give him a standing ovation for his Chodeyness! He is the gentlemen on the right of the picture.

Tight Lines!