Well if you have never hit Grey Reef get there now! And if someone tells you the wade fishing is blown out, tell them they are dead wrong! Find the slower areas and hit it hard with egg patterns and midge larva and you can make a killing!

Bear Creek Lair of the Bear

Just got back from fishing with Logan ( BMS) and Casey (TSR) on bear Creek. The day started out a bit cold with air temps @ about 50 F. The water temps were 48 F and slowly rising. The fish were super active and you could easily spot them. The bug samples held more bugs than I have ever seen on Bear Creek! My GS81 size 18 in black was a perfect match and hooked several fish. The water level is still very low in spots but the fish are everywhere you would think they would be. The three of us where the only ones on the river for sometime today. As we were leaving there was a Blue Wing Olive hatch and the fish started to rise. Logan couldn’t resist giving it a few casts before we all had to go. Mid day seems to be best and bring out the dry fly box as well.

Suggestions: Hairs Ear, Copper John, Rubber Legged Copper John, San Juan Worm as lead flies. GS81, Pheasant Tail, Barrs Emerger, Small Copper John, pretty much your go to patterns. 


Here at Catch & Release we like to support local music and with that being said, we think that Trout Steak Revival is one of the best Blue Grass Bands we have ever seen! These guys are out of the foothills area and even better I have fished with most of them and they can hit the water with the best of them! Check them out and get the free downloads @ www.troutsteak.com

Tight Lines!

Clear Creek Fly Fishing

Well the wind keeps making me think that we are now living in Wyoming! Yesterday was still a good day on river. The water temps are keeping the fish in deeper pools and along the sides. Caught a brightly colored Rainbow yesterday that blew me away. Nymphing is still key and setting up with two nymphs is best. Rubber leg Copper johns in a size 16 trailed behind a San Juan worm did the trick. I would also suggest Hairs ear nymphs and Pheasant tails. go the extra and get tungsten beads, they sink well and no need for extra weight. With warmer days ahead the fishing should pick up very well. Lots of trash on the river still and with lower levels expect to get caught on sticks and rocks. TIGHT LINES!

Catch & Release now teaching through Boone Mountain Sports

We are proud and excited for our partnership with BMS and thanks to Logan for getting it up and moving. Our Classes start this APRIL  get yourself signed up today! First class of April is the 10th at 1pm. You can call BMS to get yourself on the class list (303) 670-0093 or Jay @ (303) 726-7861 Remember that we run classes just like a school, not like a guide service. If you are looking for a guide give Blue Quill Angler a call and ask for Cody.  Our classes come in 4 parts. First is time in our shop Going over course objectives and getting you familiar with the different parts of fly fishing and the ” LINGO” of it all. That day we will also go over knots and fish behavior. Day two we are on the water and taking everything we learned on day one and adding river reading, fish holding areas, nymphing, casting and fly selection. We will also be taking samples stream side for everyone to look at and get knowledge of bug life and life cycles. Day three is again on the water and more practice with your casting technique. Day four we will be mixing it up and fine tuning everything and doing our evaluations. You must purchase a Colorado fishing license prior to the second day of class!

We also offer video taping of your casting technique for an extra cost. This allows us to show you what you are doing right and wrong instead of just explaining it to you.

Rentals are available but at a limited supply so ask early.

Women’s Group is forming now! If you are interested in only learning with the ladies let us know and we will put you on the call list.

Group rates are being offered for groups of 5 or more!

We do private classes as well so let us know what fit’s your schedule and we can make it work for you