Cheesman Canyon

Well, if you want to fish right now Cheesman is not to shabby. I hit it yesterday and put my first cast in @ 1015. The parking lot had 5 cars and the river was almost vacant when I started. The fish are hangen in the deep pools and slow runs, typical winter holding patterns, but are actively feeding. Very small patterns size 22 and up were key. After talking to some guys on their hike out they agreed. I was using PBR’s and red hot’s. The rainbow warrior is a good choice as well. There was a lot of midge activity and you could see big Rainbows taking emergers. I hooked into two, yes two, suckers from a deep slow run. They almost went belly up right away and put up little to no fight. On a side note, When the fishing is slow sit and take a minute just to watch the trout move and feed. It is interesting to see the behavior we sometimes miss.