Clear Creek River Update

As I drove home through the canyon from Loveland Ski Area today I could not help but let my mind wonder on still pulling some fish from the river. Gaps have formed in the ice and you can see the bottom clear as day. Envisioning my indicator meandering the flow between the sheets dragging a caddis pupa and midge larva across the bottom to sluggish trout. With the changes in the seasons and most of our local waters locking in with ice it is time to once again hit the tying bench and start replenishing our supplies for the next season. Don’t get me wrong fishing isn’t over. There are plenty of tail waters to explore still but, the cold not only makes the fish sluggish to fight it also does the same to me. Come join us for tying classes and what I have come to call ” story time” at The Windy Saddle in downtown Golden. Talk to Brett the owner and tell him Jay sent you.