Chuck Lewis SWA in Steamboat

We just got back from steamboat ( yes will, again) and man is the fishing gooood! Lots of top water action and the fish were flying out of the water. Air temp was 76 and partly cloudy all day. Baetis and other emergers were everywhere. We decided to hit the Chuck Lewis SWA just out of town. It doesn’t look like much at first, but after you walk through the gate you will realize how much river you have access too. I have fished here before and never had hooked into a big fish but had seen and spooked many. With all the top water it was clear after the first fish that the big boys were hungry! This spot is great when the fishing downtown gets a little crowded or the tuber hatch is on. Watch out during water fowl season though being that it is a SWA hunters are around. After taking some samples and finding every pupa under the sun I noticed that there are still lots of Golden stones around and a size 12 should do the trick as a dropper. I used a size 18 para Adams trailed by a size 22 midge. Both were effective all day. The thing that always amazes me about the yampa is how many crayfish there are. Every rock I turned one seemed to dart out. I couldn’t help but imagine streamer fishing there the next time I make it to town. Cheers!