Brown PigWe Just got back from Steamboat Springs and the water is great. The tuber Hatch is still on in the downtown portion of the Yampa! Had to cut fly and run up river to the SWA to get away from the crowds. Great early morning Hatch of midges and mayfly’s in the afternoon. Hoppers are everywhere and the hopper dropper worked well. We hit Sarves Creek for a day and the fishing was great! If you have never been there, it is a must see. Cow’s roaming free and don’t be surprised when they stomp through your hole on the way across the creek. Hooked into a few smaller rainbows in the early morning on GS-81’s and used a size 18 para Adams ( thanks Kirk) in the afternoon. The hopper action there was good but not great. Weather was hot in the afternoon so I suggest starting to fish by 9:30 a.m. I hooked up with a 22in. brown in the afternoon under the bridge and thought I was going to loose my 4 wt. for sure!

GS-81 Fly Pattern

The GS-81 is a great little fly and I use it as my dropper on most of the rivers in Colorado. It is tied from a size 16-22 and the rubber legs give it a very life like quality. Big fish love it and it is my go to fly on the Yampa and Colorado.

Clear Creek Fly Fishing

Fishing seems to still be on hold and is touch and go daily on if Clear Creek will be Clear or Chocolate Milk. Yesterday was good until construction at Idaho Springs seemed to muck it up. I got a few 10″ Rainbows off of Prince nymph’s and Copper Johns. Weather pushed in by 3:30 and Forced me to run towards Evergreen and fish Beaver Brook for some mid size Brookie’s.

Catch & Release Trout School

Catch & Release Trout School is in fact all about Fly Fishing. We are a group of fisherman who believe learning to Fly Fish does not have to be the worst year of your life. It takes time and guidance to become good at any sport. Anyone can fish and everyone should fish. We not only teach techniques needed to fly fish we also teach fly tying, knots, ¬†entomology, reading the water, and overall good Samaritan rules of the road. It can be hard going out on your own and trying to be Brad Pitt in ” A river runs through it.” Anyone can pay someone to bring them to a secret spot, tie on a secret fly, and point them to a secret whole where the mother of all rainbows is hanging out just waiting for that mystery fly. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how and why you caught that fish so you can venture out on your own and do it by yourself?