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  1. I just found your site. I never knew you could find any fish in that part of Clear Creek, right in town! Have you fished it using your Tenkara rod? Is there still good fishing there this time of the year? Where are you located in Golden?

    • Yes, I did use my Tenkara rod, and I do for most of clear creek and bear creek. The fishing on clear creek is great right now! The water was a bit off color yesterday but will clear up soon. I am a guide for Golden River Sports on 8th and Washington. Do you Tenkara ?

  2. Yeah, I do Tenkara but I’m just new to it as well as fly fishing in general. I’ve been walking my dogs along the river in Golden there for years and never thought there was much good fishing in that part of Clear Creek in town because of Coors and all the people on it (tubers, kayakers etc.), I’m going to have to try it. I’ll have to come into Golden River Sports and talk to you. Do you sell any Tenkara gear besides rods, like hi-vis level line or furled leaders? What brand of rods do you sell, Tenkarausa?

  3. Yes, I do carry furled leaders in high vis orange and camo. Both come with tippit rings as well. I also sell rods from Tenkara fly fishing out of Idaho . I have 10-14 foot rods ranging from 5:5-8:2. I only guide for golden river sports but if you want to meet up to check out the rods we can make it happen. I am hoping to do a Tenkara rod day at the park downtown in June. We will see.

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